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Unsecured International Trade Finance

Unsecured Trade Finance

Import goods from anywhere in the world by paying a small deposit and the balance up to 120 days after shipment.

Is Unsecured Trade Finance Right for your Business?

Our Unsecured Trade Finance (or sometimes called Purchase Order Finance) is perfect for any business that imports goods from anywhere in the world.


This is a game-changer for any business looking to import goods into Canada.


Usually the factory sending the goods will want payment upfront before goods are shipped. For many importers this ties up a lot of cash for long periods of time or some simply don't have the cash in the first place.


EBF has the solution - we will arrange to pay for the goods on your behalf and allow you up to 120 days to pay us back. This gives you time to sell them and receive payment from your customer.


There is no need to provide security over your assets or house. All you have to do is pay a 20% deposit and our team of trade finance specialists will take care of everything else.

As we are not taking security - this does not interfere with your existing banking facilities.

Trade Finance Takes the Cashflow Stress Out of Importing Goods from Overseas.

By using our Trade Finance or Purchase Order Finance product you can increase your buying power overseas and at the same time, significantly improve your bottom line!


All you are required to do is to pay a 20% deposit which means that your capital can be leveraged to make more imports.


It gets even better - if you want to give your customer more time to pay - EBF will buy your customer invoice once the goods are delivered in Canada, thus injecting the cash back into your business. This can then be used to make more import purchases. Its a win-win and a game changer for Canadian Importers.

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