Businesses With Tax Arrears

Financing Despite Arrears – 1.49%

Tax arrears are when taxes owed for a previous year are to be paid in the current year. Generally, it is difficult to receive financing when you still have outstanding payments to make. Our private business finance company provides invoice factoring services to companies in Canada to eliminate such barriers associated with tax arrears by basing business financing off of sales and bills. With Express Business Funding, it doesn’t operate under these restrictions. We choose to focus on account receivables and bills to determine what kind of business financing arrangement is feasible.
In the majority of cases, any business with outstanding tax arrears will usually not be granted financing by banks and other financial institutions. With Express Business Funding, a leading invoice factoring company in Ontario, you can receive the business funding you need to move your company forward, regardless of any tax arrears.

Our Unique Approach To Help You

Our approach has helped Canadian companies succeed by providing them the business funds they need to expand or fulfill financial obligations at critical periods. In fact, Express Business Funding will assist you in setting up a payment program with Canada Revenue Agency and then help to assure that you have the cash flow to keep the commitment. We offer competitive low rates starting at 1.49% and can provide you with funding approvable within 24 hours of a completed application.

How Our Financing Services Work?

Our accounts receivable financing company is a leader in invoice factoring and supply chain finance (otherwise known as reverse factoring) services. Companies throughout Canada are excited to discover the unique approach we take to business financing. We are able to offer these unique funding products and base our financing decisions on a client’s accounts receivables, rather than bottom line, you can receive business financing regardless of past due taxes or source deductions.

Why Choose Express Business Funding?

Many invoice factoring companies in Canada are as conservative as banks and other traditional financial institutions, so outstanding property tax arrears may affect your ability to receive financing through them. This is often because, their interest does not lie in helping fuel the growth of their client and developing healthy long term relationships. This is evidenced by the intrusive approach which many other Canadian invoice factoring companies take: making collections calls to clients, requiring lengthy contracts, removing control of invoices and even invoicing from a client’s business.
In every regard, Express Business Funding is different. We leave control with you and provide you with flexible options so that you know we are here to help whenever you need us. Now that’s a healthy business relationship.

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