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Healthy Work Ethic at Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 has pushed most of the Canadian workforce out of the ideal work atmosphere. Hard working people have been thrown out of routine and are now struggling to maintain their work ethic. There are countless distractions and disturbances amidst home life that remind the working class why they spend their 9 to 5 in the office. Learning to adjust to this new situation has become essential for maintaining a healthy work ethic.

Time - Routine and Work Schedule

Routine is everything right now. Waking up at the same time every day is the first key to productivity at home. Just like any other work day, set the alarm for a decent time in the morning and don’t hit snooze. When you wake up, complete healthy morning rituals to feel fully prepared for a day of productive work.

After starting off on the right foot, plan out your day. Set one to three attainable work goals . Write out a list of tasks you will need to complete in order to accomplish your goals. Then, it’s simple; get to work. Avoid distractions such as social media at all costs, it will pay off.

It is imperative to start and end your work at the same time every day. This may look different for each person depending on various vocations, and also whether or not you have children. For some, it makes sense to work from 9 to 5 like usual. A work schedule with children may start and stop several times in any given day. However, starting and ending the work day at consistent times is vital for a healthy work-life balance.

Take time for breaks throughout your work day. There are two types of breaks to include in your schedule. The first is a short 15-minute breather that can be implemented several times a day. Go for a walk (preferably outside), play a brain game, or work on a DIY project. There are many short activities that keep your mind engaged and your body active. The second type of break to take is a 30-minute lunch recess. Allow yourself to make a nourishing meal and enjoy it. When there are so many things that cannot be controlled, control what you feed your body.

Creating a set bedtime routine is just as important as waking up at the same time every day. The main reason being, it allows enough sleep to start each day at a good time, feeling refreshed and full of energy. Avoid using your phone in bed, or even bringing it into your room at night. Check social media before you complete your nighttime routine and check your emails in the morning.

The last thing to remember when structuring your work life at home is to resolve not to work on weekends. Strive to spend your weekends focusing on your family, friends and down time for yourself. Your work life will never be healthy if it overruns your social life.

Place - Home Office

Many people are finding themselves confined to a home office they don’t currently have, due to the coronavirus. Find a room in your house to create a space to sit down and focus on work, and work only. This place should be the same every day. Do not choose the kitchen for obvious reasons.

Along with a door to shut out distractions, your new workspace should be furnished with a desk of some sort, as well as a chair that allows you to sit up straight and comfortably. Maintain a clean and organized atmosphere that promotes the healthy work ethic you desire. If possible, choose a space that you can leave after your work day is finished to evoke a sense of “going home”.

People - Family, Friends and Coworkers

Physical distancing and stay-at-home orders have made it increasingly difficult to interact with other people. However, spending time with coworkers regularly via technology is necessary for the upkeep of a healthy work ethic. Group “meetings” with colleagues to discuss things, such as collaborative projects, keep everyone on the same page. The same goes for contacting clients to talk about work requirements and expectations. Paying special attention to avoid miscommunication and cultivate healthy work relationships at this unusual time is critical for working effectively.

Those working from home with children have to make many changes to get assignments done. This requires planning and creativity. Make a schedule with older family members to take turns supervising younger ones. Create daily tasks and activities for your children to complete, just like you would for yourself. These tasks may include chores, homework and games rewarded with incentives.

At the end of each scheduled work day, spend the rest of your time on people. This looks different for everyone. It may mean taking some time aside to rest, spending time on a video call with friends, or hanging out in person with your family.

Whatever your at-home work life looks like, you must be intentional about scheduling and prioritizing in every area of your life. Creating a healthy work ethic takes work, especially when wholistic health is the ultimate goal. 


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