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Announcing a Game-Changer for Canadian Importers

Importing goods into Canada can be very complex and can tie up a significant amount of cash for long periods of time. Usually suppliers want payment prior to shipment and Canadian businesses either need to tie up their own cash or draw from secured lines of credit.

But this is all going to change…

Introducing EBF - Unsecured Trade Finance.

Now importers only have to pay a small 20% deposit and EBF will do the rest. When goods are ready to be shipped - we will pay your supplier and you can repay us in 60 - 120 days!

Our team of international trade specialists will take care of everything thus taking the stress out of managing your international payments and cashflow.

The best part of this is that we are not looking for security so if you want to import goods and cant give security to your bank - EBF has the solution. If you already have a purchase order finance product from your bank - our facility can be used in parallel with your bank funding. Its a win-win!

As a bonus cash-booster - when the goods are sold in Canada - EBF can buy your invoice for cash so you don't have to wait for payment from your customer. This gives you an immediate cash injection so that you can place more international orders!

At last there is a Trade Finance/Purchase Order Finance product in Canada that makes sense.

Call EBF now at 905-639-9711 and let us put the flow back into your cashflow


Express Business Funding

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