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Private Alternative Financing Services

Express Business Funding has been funding the growth of businesses all over Canada for many years. We are trusted in Toronto and throughout Canada for our premium alternative business funding solutions. We are proud to offer a number of traditional and specialized financing products.
There are a number of financing products available to companies in Canada. However, not every financing solution or vendor will work for every business. To start, some companies may not be in a position to be approved for a certain financing products, such as a small business loan, while others have specific needs that require a more tailored product. Globally there is a growing demand for alternative business funding, and companies in Canada are using these in conjunction with traditional solutions to create a more flexible financing strategy.
Express Business Funding has some the most advanced accounts receivable factoring products in Canada. Our factoring company is in Canada and offers features that leave you in control of your receivables and provide you with flexibility and competitive low rates so you can focus on growing your business. While small and growing businesses frequent our invoice factoring services, larger businesses are often in need of supply chain finance. Unlike a small business loan, there is generally no term to our factoring services and we are able to provide approval within 24 hours of a completed application!


Options To Improve Cash Flow

No matter what type of business you run, your business needs secure cash flow to succeed. There are a number of alternative business funding options available to Canadian businesses. A common method of supplementing your cash flow is to obtain a business line of credit or loan from a bank or private lender. While traditional lines of credit and business loans have their place and can be quite advantageous, however it is not always suited to or feasible for everyone. In Canada, alternative business funding companies are growing in demand, offering unmatched flexibility.
Express Business Funding is a leading alternative business financing company who specializes in accounts receivable factoring products (invoice factoring and supply chain finance), and Asset-Based Lending products (purchase order financing, inventory financing, and equipment financing) can provide our clients with the flexibility they need; and at competitive low rates.

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Experts in Canadian Alternative Financing

The representatives at Express Business Funding each have over 25-years of experience in the alternative business funding industry; providing more effective solutions for Canadian businesses. Our dedication to our clients is evident in the complete solutions we offer and how our approach is designed to facilitate the growth of our client’s companies. Here are some of the advantages offered by our Ontario invoice factoring company that a traditional business line of credit cannot provide:

  • We base financing on the asset values of a business, rather than financial statements alone. This allows new or rapidly expanding businesses to receive the funding they need moving forward, as available funds increase with increased sales.
  • Once we receive application and documentation, we will provide a funding commitment within 24 hours. A business line of credit will likely take weeks or even months.
  • With Express Business Funding, there is no fixed term commitment to our invoice factoring programs, and many of our other alternative business financing products.