Benefits of Factoring

The benefits of invoice factoring, specifically with Express Business Funding are numerous. Alternative business financing solutions are growing in popularity quickly. Their flexibility and competitive low rates provide strong results for new and growing businesses. As a leading invoice factoring company in Canada, we provide a number of added benefits to our clients. If your business is in need of cash flow to meet financial obligations or to accommodate rapid expansion, our invoice factoring company can help.

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Factoring Companies in Canada

There are a number of titles that are being use to describe this method of financing, including: accounts receivable factoring, business receivables financing and sometimes equated to invoice discounting. Whatever the term, the demand for invoice factoring in Canada continues rapidly growing. Businesses owners are becoming more aware of the benefits of invoice factoring as a means to finance their business growth. The largest demand for invoice factoring in Canada comes from (1) Toronto, Ontario (2) Vancouver, BC (3) Calgary, Alberta. Canadian businesses are looking for alternative financing options, in which factoring companies offers a number of distinct advantages to fuel business growth. This is especially true of Express Business Funding’s industry specialized services.

5 Benefits Invoice Factoring Services Offer

  1. Improved Cash Flow – Invoice factoring is an effective way to instantly free up the capital tied up in your accounts receivable. This will allow you to meet financial obligations or facilitate rapid business growth. Using invoice factoring services from Express Business Funding will allow you to take full advantage of opportunities you may otherwise have to turn down due to lack of cash flow.
  2. Measuring True Credit Worthiness – Banks and other financiers tend to base their lending criterion on a company’s financial history. For new businesses or businesses that are growing rapidly, a bank loan or line of credit simply won’t cut it. Our Toronto invoice factoring company does not operate under these same restrictions. We base most of our credit decisions on the strength of your client’s credit worthiness. They are after all the one paying the receivable at the end of the day.
  3. Free Up Capital With No Debt – You would technically be selling your invoice to us. This means that you are effectively cashing in your invoices and not creating a debt. In this way, your business can receive the capital it needs without growing its debt. Invest back in the growth of your business with tailored financing solutions.
  4. Flexibility With No Terms – At Express Business Funding, our clients have an open contract (no term). No account closing penalties. We have no minimum term or volume commitments, and you get to choose which invoices and customers you wish to finance. This added flexibility we offer is just one other way we stand out from the competition.
  5. The EBF Difference – Unlike other invoice factoring companies in Canada, Express Business Funding’s approach is to have as little involvement with a client’s customers as possible. This means that we do not harass your customers with collection calls. We prefer to allow our clients to manage their own billing, which lets them establish and maintain healthy business relationships with their customers.