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Suppliers of various types of business services are the most common types of clients for invoice factoring. Invoicing for “services” means there is no hard asset that can be returned by the purchasing customer (or be the wrong size colour, etc.) and the invoice is generally due and payable as soon as the job is complete.
In addition, banks would prefer to provide credit facilities to business clients that have a hard assets as security, so bank lending is generally more difficult for service-based industry businesses to secure. Express Business Funding has a different lending criteria than that used by banks. In making a credit decision, banks primarily look at a client’s financial statements and their ability to service a loan. Our invoice factoring programs look beyond the balance sheet, and our financing is based primarily on the Accounts Receivable of our client’s business.
Express Business Funding currently maintains its strongest presence in Toronto, Ontario – Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC. Express Business Funding continues to be a leader in providing alternative financing services to all service-based companies.


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Account receivable factoring allows Canadian businesses to turn outstanding bills into fast cash, freeing up capital and allowing you to invest back into your business. Express Business Funding is an industry leader in private small business finance solutions. We are located in Ontario just outside of Toronto and are proud to be Canadian! We provide new and growing businesses with small business loans and alternative financing solutions at competitive low rates with flexible options. Unlike other alternative private financing companies in Canada, our accounts receivables factoring allows our clients to prepare their own bills and we do not make collection calls to their customers!


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With Express Business Funding you can multiple products under one roof, giving flexibility to make the best financial decision. Enjoy our competitive low rates and the freedom of our real-time online accounts receivable finance platform. Finance receivables you choose or take out a private business loan. We offer a number of added features and benefits to help you grow your company. Express Business Funding is also proud to be the first Canadian company to offer supply chain finance services.