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Express Business Funding is a private financing company in Canada. We offer a number of traditional and specialized business funding solutions. The products include invoice factoring, asset based lending, private business loans, purchase order financing and more.
We have established ourselves as a leading factoring company in Canada and the trusted name in private small business loans. Our company offers competitive low rates with services that are designed to help your business succeed. Our Toronto factoring company has a strong presence in Ontario, Alberta, and BC. Here are some popular industries we frequently offer small business financing services to:


If you are a business located in Canada contact us to find out how we can help you. Express Business Funding has a number of products on one roof to help get you the most dynamic and competitive financing solution. Alternative financing can save you a lot of money with short term or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, many businesses in Canada come to us in need of a secondary business funding source. Whatever your need, our business funding specialist will help you come up with the right solutions to solve your cash flow woes.


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A medium sized freight company approached Express Business Funding with a problem that many growing Canadian businesses face. They had great relationships with their customers but some of them were slow to pay the invoices. They had previously worked with another freight factoring company in Canada but were disappointed that they insisted on controlling the issuing of their bills (when and how they were sent to customer), as well as making the ongoing collection calls to the customers when invoices reached maturity. This lack of control eventually resulted in the client losing some of their accounts.
The client found a much better fit with EBF. We allow our clients to send out their own bills directly to their customers when and how they wish, and when required, make their own collection calls. Express Business Funding also allowed the client to offer non-notification factoring for new large clients that pay via direct deposit. This unique approach was just what the client needed to move forward with their business.
We understand the challenges your face and as Toronto freight factoring company we have developed added benefits to serve your unique industry needs. Unlike some other industries, efficient cash flow is critical to stay in business. Slow paying customers can be a real challenge when you have to pay drivers, insurance, leases and gas bills on a weekly basis. As a leader in business financing we offer industry specialized products to help you fuel your business growth. With no long-term contract or minimum monthly requirements, Express Business Funding leaves you in control. You can use our services only as required.


Multi-Industry Case-Study

A supplier and installer of CCTV security systems and video surveillance products was looking for a way to accelerate the receivables for projects they had sold to large corporate and government accounts. Terms of payment were up to 90-days, and although the credit strength of the customers was undoubted, the client’s bank was unwilling to increase their credit facility because of the lengthy terms offered to the customers. Receivables were approaching $2 million, but bank facility would remain unchanged at $800,000.
In addition, the client wanted to accelerate the receivables without notifying their customers; not wishing to appear unable to financially handle increasing large future orders.
Express Business Funding was able to put an offering in place that would factor $1.2 million in receivables (difference between $2 million in A/R and the $800,000 line of credit), plus do so on a non-notification basis so the client could factor ongoing invoices without the customer being required to make payments directly to EBF.