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When you choose to work with a trusted and innovative invoice factoring company in Canada, such as Express Business Funding, your business receives numerous benefits focused on helping you succeed. We offer superior flexibility (with no long term contracts) along with competitive receivables financing rates to companies in Toronto, Ontario – Calgary, Alberta and throughout this great nation.
As a premier vendor of alternative funding, we provide a menu of added benefits at no extra cost to you. This is especially helpful to small business owners. And with our industry specialized products such as construction, freight factoring and payroll financing (to name a few) – it’s no wonder businesses are turning to EBF to fuel business growth opportunities. Our hands-off approach with our client’s when it comes to accounts receivable finance solutions is quite unique compared to other factoring companies in Canada.
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Due in large to the robust economic foundation of Canada, Express Business Funding (The EBF Group Ltd.) has been able to establish itself leading financier. We have the ability and know-how to finance both Canadian and US bills (for companies who trade with our neighbours south of the border). If your business has sales greater than $50,000 per month, give us a call to learn about our Canadian factoring company and competitive financing services.
Most invoice factoring companies in Canada are as conservative as the banks we have. Often, they will operate in a very intrusive manner towards your customers and making it very difficult to manage your cash flow planning. This is because the accounts receivable finance industry is unregulated. That is why it is so important to choose an established and trusted factor. At Express Business Funding, we offer flexibility that enables our clients to focus on their business. For example, we do not require lengthy and controlling contracts like many of our competitors. We also leave you in control of your accounts receivables. For example, we allow our clients to choose which bills to finance with us as their vendor. This means you are able to manage your cash flow based on your business’ present financial situation without going into debt.

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If you are looking for a trustworthy factoring company in Canada, then contact us to find the right solution for your business needs. Express Business Funding is the trusted name in small business loans and accounts receivable factoring. We are proud to be Canadian and consider it a privilege to partner and assist other companies in Ontario, Alberta, and nation wide grow and succeed.
If you are curious to know more about our product benefits and why we are known as a leader in Accounts Receivable Factoring and Supply Chain Finance industry, give us a call. Express Business Funding provides its clients with an online platform which allows you to manage and maintain predictable business cash flow. We also offer optional supportive services that you can choose from at no extra cost.
Enjoy the freedom to manage and collect your own account receivables without the fear of being harassed by a third party. Express Business Funding’s perspective is that its clients already have a relationship with their customers and therefore they are in the best position to make collection calls and deal with any potential disputes.

What is Invoice Factoring?

When a firm sells an invoice which is due to them in the future to a factor, who pays them money for that bill today. The process is similar to a cash advance; it is designed to assist new or growing businesses create predictable cash flow.
Here is how it works. Let’ assume you own a temporary staffing company which has provided $50,000 of staffing services to XYZ Manufacturing. The payment term for this $50,000 invoice is net 45 days, meaning XYZ Manufacturing has 45 days from the date the invoice is issued, to pay the full bill amount.
It is now your busiest time of year and you are growing rapidly. You are short on the cash needed to pay your growing number employees and just can’t wait 45 days (or potentially longer) to receive the money from XYZ Manufacturing. If you were to work with a factoring company, they will purchase the bill the day it is created and advance you the money you need now. The factor would advance you (for example) 80% of the invoice now. You can use those funds to pay your employees and cover off other obligations. When XYZ Manufacturing pay the bill in full, the factor remits to you the 20% balance (minus the fee earned for providing the service). In return for the initial advanced payment you assign the bill and debt owed by XYZ Manufacturing to the factor.


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