Express Business Funding is an Asset-Based Lending company providing alternative financing products to companies throughout Canada. Our offerings include Invoice Factoring (Accounts Receivable Financing), Purchase Order Financing, Bridge Loans & Small Business Loans, and customized Asset-Based Lending programs that include inventory and equipment financing. We also have introduced a Supply Chain Finance &

Reverse Factoring service that larger buyers can initiate to assist their suppliers in improving cash-flow. EBF is the premier choice for Canadian businesses looking for alternative sources of financing; helping them to meet their financial obligations, or facilitate rapid growth. We listen to the needs of our clients, and customize solutions that help them achieve their current business goals, and provide a foundation for future growth.

Express Business Funding is a premier invoice factoring company in Canada. We provide fast, affordable and flexible solutions to businesses in need of alternative business funding services. We provide funding approval within 24 hours of a completed application. Our clients use our online system to manage their cash flow and submit bills they choose to factor. Create predictable cash flow by selling accounts receivables. If you have $50,000 / month in receivables, or more, our invoice factoring company can bring payments closer to the bill date. Focus on your business growth and take advantage of opportunities as they come.


Obtaining a small business loan from a bank can be a long and challenging process. Our private financing company is not limited to the same metrics. We are able to look at other factors such as your client’s creditworthiness to provide your the funding you need. We offer competitive low rates to companies in Canada. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and work with businesses throughout this great nation. As a private lender who specializes in small business funding we can provide you with a solution tailored to your business.


Cash is king when it comes to new and growing businesses and at Express Business Funding we specialize in alternative finance solutions such as asset based lending. Companies in Canada that are in need of alternative or secondary funding sources find our solutions to be far more flexible than your typical small business loan. Our Toronto based company provides competitive low asset based lending rates so you can focus on your business growth. Call us to learn more about ABL and to find a solution that is right for you.


If you are struggling to keep up with incoming order, our purchase order financing services are the perfect solution. Send us incoming requests to receive cash. As an industry leader, we offer greater flexibility and unique benefits so you feel like you have an in-house financial team behind you. There is a growing demand for purchase order financing in Canada and Express Business Funding proudly offers competitive low rates to assist in creating predictable cash flow for businesses. Use POs as collateral to complete incoming orders.

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