5 Things You Should Know About Invoice Factoring

Posted by  -  February 21st, 2017

Why Do Some Canadian Businesses Fail? The survival rate of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada declines over time. According to Industry Canada, about 85% of businesses that enter the marketplace survive one full year, 70% survive for two years and only 51% survive for five years. There are a myriad of reasons why businesses fail, but poor cash flow management and lack of […]

Seven Cash Flow Resolutions for 2017

Posted by  -  January 3rd, 2017

Managing Your Business Cash Flow Successfully The most common New Year’s resolutions individuals make revolve around exercising more and losing weight; both critical for a long and healthy life.  But what New Year’s resolutions should entrepreneurs make to ensure their business has a long and healthy life? It’s often been said that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business so here are seven resolutions to make […]

Fast Alternative Funding: Invoice Factoring & Our Technology

Posted by  -  November 29th, 2016

When Express Business Funding was founded in 2008, factoring was still a very paper intensive activity.  Typically, a buyer would call in, fax or email a purchase order to their supplier.  The supplier would fulfill the order and fax, email or mail an invoice to the buyer.  If the supplier was factoring the invoice, the factoring company would send the customer a letter notifying them […]

How to Choose The Best Factoring Company

Posted by  -  November 4th, 2016

What is Factoring? Factoring is a fast, smart and simple way for growing businesses to raise funds.   It is a financial transaction whereby a business sells some or all of its accounts receivable to a factoring company for immediate cash.  It turns current, unpaid invoices into immediate working capital.   How Does it Work? Company X delivers a product or service to Customer Y and issues an invoice.  Customer […]

What will my customers think if I am invoice factoring?

Posted by  -  September 27th, 2016

When discussing our invoice factoring services with a business, I am often asked, “What will my customers think?”   While you may have some customers who are not familiar with factoring, the majority will be, especially if you sell to large organizations with robust supply chains. You are likely not their only supplier who is factoring.  Big companies understand that cash flow is critical not only for […]