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Who Are We?

Express Business Funding (o/b The EBF Group Ltd.) is a Canadian private business funding company located just west of Toronto, Ontario. We are a funder – not a broker or an agent for other funders – and we provide financing to new and existing businesses; especially those companies in high-growth mode. EBF has been in business for over 15 years and has a solid reputation for customizing solutions to meet each client’s specific needs. We offer several types of Asset-Based Lending and Small Business Loans, including our new Express-Pay Program; a Reverse Factoring program that larger buyers can initiate to assist their suppliers in improving cash-flow. Our business financing solutions include Supply Chain Finance, Invoice Factoring, Discounting, Purchase Order Finance, Asset Based Lending, Private Business Loans, and other accounts receivable factoring products.

Who Should Use Our Services?

1. Rapid growth

Are you an existing or new Canadian businesses experiencing a growth spurt. This can often be a problem when seeking business traditional financing solutions. Banks typically finance based on your business’ historic financial information and securities your business currently has available. This restricts growth and cash flow for a company in this position.
Express Business Funding’s solution is to provide cash flow through your company’s existing and future account receivables (ie. invoices). As your business delivers goods or services, you can send us your bills to factor them, converting them into cash within 24 hours. Fuel your growth and don’t miss out on potential opportunities you could have taken advantage of.

2. Financial Distress

Are you a Canadian businesses starved of cash flow due to being forced to offer terms to clients (debtors)?  We’ve helped many Canadian businesses just like you. We know that a business in this position is not able to keep up with its own financial obligations (i.e. payroll, taxes, suppliers, etc). Now you can free up capital tied-up in outstanding bills using our invoice factoring services; now you can invest back into your business or pay those bills. Or use our supply chain financing solutions / reverse factoring products to create buyer and seller advantages.
Unlike a traditional bank’s business funding products, Express Business Funding looks beyond the balance sheet. Our innovative invoice factoring / accounts receivable factoring & reverse factoring / supply chain financing services are based on the accounts receivable and strength of their debtors. Our Canadian invoice factoring company works with clients to enable them to capitalize on their opportunities and reach their full potential.
Express Business Funding is even able to finance clients with:


3. Improved Cash Management

Many companies in Canada who are looking to either factor accounts receivable, or finance their accounts payable through our Supply Chain Finance (Reverse Factoring) Program, do so with the plan to improve overall cash flow:
INVOICE FACTORING: Savvy business owners know that “Cash is King”. The best way to plan to be in a position to take advantage of new business opportunities is to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to cash management. However, this can be especially hard for new businesses or companies expanding quickly. In these situations, business financing solutions are necessary. By using our Canadian invoice factoring services, a company can strategically finance selected accounts receivables, keeping a growing company cash-flush and when those new business opportunities present themselves, guess who is in position to pounce? Still need more cash? For existing invoice factoring clients, Express Business Funding may also be in a position to provide Purchase Order Financing; just another way we help our clients stay ahead of their competition!  
SUPPLY CHAIN FINANCE (REVERSE FACTORING): The new wave of medium size manufacturers and service providers know that there are business opportunities hidden in their supply chain. Express Business Funding is also a supply chain finance company offering reverse factoring services. These types of services allows Canadian companies to take advance of these opportunities and help their suppliers while turning their accounts payable department into a profit centre.  
If you have suppliers who offer you discounts in return for early payment, but you are not always in a financial position to take advantage to those discounts, Express Business Fundings’ Canadian reverse factoring services can provide the bridge that gives your supplier what they want, while you either extend payment terms, or maintain payment terms but share in the discount. Give us a call to learn more!

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