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Invoice Factoring (also known as Account Receivable Factoring) allows Canadian businesses to turn outstanding invoices into fast cash, freeing up capital and allowing you to invest back into your business. Express Business Funding is located in Ontario, Canada. We offer financing solutions at competitive low rates with flexible payment options to companies throughout Canada, with a strong presence in Toronto, Ontario | Vancouver, BC | Edmonton, Alberta | Calgary, Alberta. Unlike other Invoice Factoring companies in Canada, we allow our clients to prepare their own bills and we do not make collection calls to their customers!

Why Use An Invoice Factoring Company?

It is well known that statistically, the major issue new and growing businesses face are not revenue related, but issues with cash flow.  If the success of your business being limited by a shortage of working capital, Express Business Funding can help. Our invoice factoring company offers unique industry specialized accounts receivable financing products including invoice discounting and supply chain finance (aka reverse factoring). We have the experience, know-how and resources available to provide invoice factoring products that are far more flexible than the competitions’, finance only the bills of your choice with no term contracts or obligations. Our financing products help improve business cash flow planning, and best of all since you are financing based on your A/R you stay out of debt. Bring your cash flow back to the point of sale!

Our Toronto invoice factoring company helps Canadian companies like yours take full advantage of opportunities that you may otherwise have to turn down due to lack of cash flow or working capital. With our alternative financing solutions, your business can plan cash flow without going into debt. As a leader in the Canadian accounts receivable financing industry we have developed a superior product by combining the benefits of invoice factoring and invoice discounting. To find out more about the differences between these products and how our product takes things one step further, click here.

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Improve Cash Flow Planning

As a direct lender and not a “broker”, our Canadian invoice factoring company provides alternative financing solutions to businesses in Ontario, Alberta, BC and companies throughout Canada that require more funding than available through a traditional bank. Our Invoice Factoring Company offers industry specialized financing products: transportation / trucking company, manufacturing, staffing / recruiting, oil & gas, mining, construction, security, technology, publishing and many more. See our case studies or give us a call to see how we have developed adaptive solutions that make our invoice factoring company a leader within Canada when it comes to fuelling business growth and improving business cash flow through alternative funding solutions. Express Business Funding offers specialized invoice factoring related products to businesses that are looking to expand or grow. Perhaps your business simply needs our solutions to help with planning cash flow, we are in the business of helping companies just like yours grow. Our Canadian invoice factoring company provides accounts receive factoring, supply chain finance, reverse factoring and invoice discounting services to businesses in Toronto Calgary Edmonton Vancouver and cities throughout Canada.

Proven Factoring Services & Competitive Low Rates

Give us a call to receive a quote today! We are able to provide funding approval within 24 hours of a completed application. Our Canadian invoice factoring company is trusted by companies throughout Canada. Our largest markets are currently in: Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC. We have proven to be the smart solution for fast and affordable business funding.  Express Business Funding provides alternative financing solutions to businesses across Canada (including Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia). Read about our industry case studies to see how we differ from the competition and how we have been able to assist Canadian businesses that find themselves in unique / difficult financial situations. Talk to us about your financing needs and our Toronto invoice factoring company will help you take things to the next level. If your company has sales between $50,000 and $5 million per month, we have alternative financing solutions that are right for your business – call us today at 1-888-496-1468